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professional recruiter to identify viable candidates. ms. biapis and i will serve at your pleasure to ensure that the contractor delivers on expectations defined in the contract, * that they stay on schedule and ultimately they provide for you what the contract says they have agreed to provide for you. >> great. >> thank you. thanks again for this. where i'm sitting, it's really helpful. >> pleasure. >> any questions there? >> i don't have any questions. i personally -- where we're at in the process, as you mentioned, we are familiar with bob murry & associates because they helped us with our last search and gave us a really good group of folks to choose from. looking back, we can have opinions about it, but we had a really good process. it was -- they delivered. so, i mean, i trust that all three that are being recommended have that kind of a
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history. so, i'm really happy that we're at this place and would love to move this forward. or as recommended. >> any more questions? commissioner lee. >> what's the next step? what's the next step after we [speaker not understood]? >> we would recommend that you allow us an opportunity to do some vetting on the proposals. once the vetting is completed, it would be our hope that you allow us to communicate with the president sort of any findings that are outside of the norm in terms of what we'd expect on proposals. it would be, i think, in our collective interest to begin the contracting process as soon as a decision is made on a selected vendor. and i'm uncertain in terms of how you want to get to the decision of the [inaudible]. the sooner we're able to do that, we would at the department of human resources
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work with your department actually, i think, to do the contracting of the actual documentation of services rendered in cost. it's only at that point that we can actually begin the process of the reviewthment. >> so, is there an opportunity for us to speak with the three semi finalists, let's say, or do we hear presentations from them or what? >> that is definitely your option. yeah, if you would prefer to have vendors come in -- all of the vendors actually come from a pre-vetted list that the controller's office has established. we recognize these vendors are all professionals in the field. if you prefer to have a discussion with them, obviously we would arrange for that and ask them to come in. it would delay the process quite significantly, though, i might add. >> if i could just -- i think what we did before, and i think i'm comfortable with it, is to
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take the recommendation of the folks from hr and the president, move along these top three, and have it whittle down. i mean, the process that we have was very inclusive. everyone was involved in every aspect. the vendor who was chosen interviewed each of us as to what our desires were for this position and concerns and then everyone -- and then they went out and got all of the major applicants, whittled it down to whatever the agreed upon number was, and we all interviewed them in a couple of days. it was a very -- that's usually the process, i think that folks -- at this point it's really -- i feel comfortable. but with any of these three that have been recommended -- >> while i offer a comment now that maybe you can include when
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negotiating with the semi-finalists, one thing i noticed in the column to the right on that one sheet, you mention -- it mentions that the vendor would redo the search process if the candidate that we selected doesn't work out within the first year or two years. can we make sure it also includes if the candidate leaves us voluntarily instead of us firing them? >> we will definitely raise that. >> i believe it's included in some of the proposals if the candidate either leaves us or -- >> it just wasn't clear. i just wanted to make sure because of past experience. >> very good point. >> any more comments,
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commissioners? if i may, you can take home one of the summary contractors proposals that deputy levin and i kind of worked on and ted, and kind of just quick bullet points, you can read through it and do your own evaluation, too. if you kind of conclude there's one or two you agree with that are in those three, that kind of gives us the road map to make the decision. they all seem very competent. you have them. if you're comfortable with them, we're all in the same ballpark, i think. i think we can take it from there. with respect to time frame, commissioners, would you like -- forgive me, madam secretary, but we have our next meeting when? >> i believe it's december 21st -- no, december 19th. >> december 19th. would you want till january or
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december to do this? you tell me what's the most comfortable time frame based on holidays to come in here to come back to us. this to me is the most crucial part and i want to make sure you're comfortable with it and there's no rushing on your part and you get everything back that you need. so, if there's january, i want to ask the commissioners didn't have enough time in december, would january be okay? >> would december be okay? >> we would prefer to keep this moving quickly. vendors i think would be very interested in engaging with us if they think they're on a short list. i think we can commit to coming back to you at your next meeting either with the final vetting or depending on how you want to do the final selection, the final selected vendor, whatever you would prefer. but definitely in december. >> this is for the city attorney. maybe he could weigh in here so we can understand process. when we do come to the conclusion and we're picking the actual candidate, is that a closed session?
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>> that's an open session item. >> it's an open session. openly we vote on the candidates and it's taken from there, then? >> correct. >> i think the interviews are not. >> this is for the selection of the vendor. >> yeah. okay, yes, sorry. i should have used that term, not the candidate, vendor. commissioners, if everybody is okay with what's in front of them, i would recommend for approval and recommend that mr. yamasaki go and vet the necessary vendors in front of him and come back to us on the 19th with his choice so we can take a vote on it. if there is no objection to that, i recommend. >> are you vetting all five or the three in yellow? >> it is at your discretion. we are recommending that we vet the three that have the closest sort of skill set we think are
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necessary for successful recruitment. if you prefer, we'd be happy to vet them all. >> what i kind of was -- i'm very big on short lists so it makes the job more concentrated. and what i ask often was to short list them. i also, as i said earlier, kind of did my own little thing and i actually came up with two of the three that he had. i'm pretty comfortable we're in the ballpark where we are, would agree. obviously, commissioner, if you feel differently. new york city i just wanted to know if you were vetting all five or the three in yellow. so, we're doing the three in yellow? >> yes. >> i would vet we do the three in yellow and come back next month -- >> final recommendation. we'd be happy to do that. >> so, is this an action item? >> no. >> okay, all right. thank you so much. once again, thanks for all of your help and efficiency. i know you have very little work to do over there. [laughter] >> i would just want to add, as
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we look at our matrix for vetting folks, i would also like to know about their staff. our mayor has just negotiated a wonderful relationship with the warriors coming to do business in our town. we'd like to know how people are going to play our folks as they do business in our town. so, i'd like to have that as part of what gets laid out. >> both in terms of who is going to be assigned, who is going to be their back office, how that works, who that gets let out to. so on and so forth. thank you. next. >> do we have any public comment on item number 5? commissioners, henry karnilowicz, member cig. i implore that you do a new search. however, since acting director tom hui has been leading the department, it's just been
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really humming around. i'm a frequent customer over there and i have nothing but praise for going to tom hui. i really hope you would consider him as giving a permanent position. i realize you're going to do a search. i think it's good to have someone who knows what is going on, make sure the department runs as well as it does. it's been a while since we've had a well oiled and well running department. i'm proud of tom and everybody that's been working with him at the department of housing going on. i have to leave in a few minutes. just wanted to say with q matt i can i hope that doesn't come back. [speaker not understood]. it's really great to see how, you know, when there is a big line of people coming ahead, the seniors come out and they distribute people to different people out there instead of waiting to get a number called. there's a lot of things that [speaker not understood] unlike
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the dmv the way it does or other jurisdictions. so, i just want to bring that up. i just want to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving. thank you. >> thank you, mr. >> item number 6, review and approval of the minutes of the september 19, 2005 meeting. [speaker not understood] dbi finances. >> [speaker not understood], deputy director administrative services. at this point in time of the fiscal year, we've gone through 33.3% of the year and it's
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still early to do any projections of where we're going to end up at the end of the year. i think we all know that there are variables that are going to affect the ability of our customers to do some of their improvements, specifically -- and i love the way this goes, the fiscal cliff. to the extent that taxes go up, personal taxes go up, i assume that's going to affect -- could affect people in their plans to do, you know, kitchens and bathroom remodels. but there is some uncertainty. but at this point in time we're projecting to end the year to $7 million. that includes 5 million in revenue and 2 million in expenditures. right now year over year if you compare where we were last year, which remember last year was a good year, where we were last year to in october to a
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year to date now, we're actually up 37% in revenues. and if you look at the measure -- not the whole measure, but a measure of our issued permits, you see that the majority of the increases occur between the 10,000 to the 1 million, which is a large range. but that's in term of the valuation of the permits. anecdotally we're seeing a lot of permits that are coming through the system. we're seeing a lot of the impact fees being paid now that were incurred in 2005. so, we are seeing people finish up the projects that are sitting -- either doing it because of the economy or it takes a long time to get through the full process. so, you know, it's hard to tell, as i said, what's going
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to happen by the end of the year. we also don't have -- if we can put this on. we also haven't seen any of the revenue yet for the apartment and hotel license fees because that's not due till -- i believe it's december 10th since that's the date i'm counting on to pay my taxes. and the investment and other small types of revenues, $100,000, $200,000, you can't really tell, but we are tracking where i would expect that to be. in term of expenses, as we all know, a good part of our budget is for personnel. at this point we have spent
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about 29% of our salaries and fringe budget. we are, as i mentioned, continuing to try to get people on staff. we talked about this before. we have some new hires that have occurred since last meeting. a majority of them are prop s. three prop s positions, electrical and senior engineer. and then we have three people who have been either placed in our department for disability placements or from the new development. we talked a little bit about that last time, that they were closing out trying to place the people who had been displaced due to the elimination of the redevelopment agency. we do have several tests that
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have occurred. so, the building inspector, senior inspector and chief building inspector tasks are done. so, we hope to have people on january-ish. we are in the housing inspectors, we're right now at the point of working with the unions to look over our stuff, so, that's a good [inaudible]. and we have engineers that we're trying to do some energies on to recruit them. we do have four clerks that we are ready to interview, which will occur -- right now we're targeting the first week in december. there are 11 of them. there were 13 vacancies. two of them were filled by the process of placement for a-d-a youers.
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one of which will be on the -- would be fern -- permanently on the sixth floor to replace jackie hubbard. some of you have met her, to work with carolyn on the sixth floor. * there really isn't anything else that's remarkable about our expenses. we are tracking greater than they were last year, and a lot of that is just we've had more bills for work orders earlier in the year. and we increased our training, as we all discussed. we increased the training budget, nonpersonal services. and then our community-based organizations, the s-r-o collaborative as you heard today, we are building more regularly. we are seeing what should have been seen years ago in our expenses. comparing it to previous years is a little misleading, but we do provide that information.
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i'll be glad to answer any questions. >> acting director. >> commissioner, acting director tom hui. one correction regarding the senior building inspector exam has not occurred yet. hard to find a [speaker not understood] from outside, they still search, the panel member right now. but the chief building inspector and building inspector exam are already done. and still waiting for the final lease. >> okay. commissioner mar. >> are we also testing for electrical inspectors? i thought that we were, there were some tests that were given for that. >> code enforcement is -- code enforcement is staffed by building inspectors. >> i'm talking about the electrical. >> electrical inspector, the
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announcement is out. >> thank you. >> also, you can make some housing inspector, the announcement is still working with mayor's office and also the union, how to solve before the closing. >> the other thing i want to let you know, we've been talking for several years about getting permit tax 1, 2 and 3 so we have a paraprofessional career path for our clerks and we'd have a situation where they couldn't be dumped by other departments because they're not using. these are specialized type of job skills for our department. and we are pretty far along in that. i believe that they are ready to be forwarded to the unions to review. so, when we here the next group of middle level clerks we're going to be hiring them -- the point is to hire them in the new classification.
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we're not going to just automatically change over [speaker not understood] because they wouldn't agree to that. but we'll slowly move into the classification, which i think is really a good thing for the department. >> yeah, so, 27% revenue increase, right? >> as of now, yes. >> that's pretty impressive. that's very good. okay. >> just one last thing on this. we will be starting the budget process very soon. and one of the reasons we haven't really talked about it is we want to get, you know, at least five months or six months worth of experience in doing our projections for our revenues because we want to make sure that we're not at the high level of the curbv in the construction cycle so that's where i'm trying to wait to get a better idea because this is way too early, i believe.
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>> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you, deputy director. >> good job. >> any public comment on 6a? seeing none, 6b, update on proposed legislation. >> good morning again, commissioners. bill stern, legislative affairs. i've given you a summary of these. i'll just hit a few of the highlights, starting with our own permit extension and some fee update legislation. the land use committee was going to hear that next monday. they called yesterday and they're postponing it probably to the first week of december. so that the timeline on that will probably still occur for a follow-up vote by the board and a recommendation in this january time frame. i just want to point out, too,
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that that apartment conversion amendment ordinance that was sponsored by supervisor chiu, it did pass, the mayor signed it. that will actually become law, november 30th that takes effect. supervisor chiu and his staff are still talking to 2000 inspector [speaker not understood] and our staff the shared housing element. that's the part where some of these hosting platforms such as a or b and b [speaker not understood] so forth would actually be part of a registration list that dbi would create and sustain and so forth. it actually adds quite a lot of administrative burden to a department. so, we're still working through with the supervisor and the city attorney about that.
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and when we have the next version of this legislation, i'll let you know. but right now that is still in progress, so to speak. i think the only other element i'll mention is you probably know from reading the chronicle this morning the efficiency unit legislation did pass its first reading yesterday. i think it's safe to assume that we'll be photoized next week. we will have those new units capped at a total of 375 of them and a certain amount of rigorous reporting that will be required so that -- there are a lot of folks concerned about what this will mean for housing. we'll have a chance to take a look at it before this gets fully vetted or supported, i suppose. >> on the 375, does that change after so many years or is that just forever? >> no, i think it's subject to modification. i think what they wanted to do
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was take a look at that and see how the response is. they didn't want a full market explosion if, in fact, suddenly these things were very, very popular and everybody decided to go out and start trying to -- >> and it's not an annual cap, it's a full cap. right. >> do you remember the planning staff did not like this idea, they wanted it to be a market-driven element, but the commission didn't agree, neither did the board. so, they're definitely taking a wait and see attitude about this. >> commissioner mar. >> so, when the first request comes for building those units, effective it -- effectively it's going to go to planning, the 375, who gets it, where is it going to be. >> this is new construction the way the legislation has been modified. >> is it set up like the beauty
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contest for big buildings? is it first come first serve? >> i actually don't know if they have completely worked out all those details. i haven't heard of a beauty contest. we do know that there are some people producing the size of unit in projects that are underway in the city right now. remember that member, one architect came and showed you the model here, mr. kennedy from berkeley. and i know he's definitely working on some in the city right now. given the fact some of that is already underway, i would presume they will [speaker not understood] this cap in their ongoing review. >> this does not apply to the students, that cap, legitimate student housing, there's no cap? >> no, that's a separate category. >> separate category, okay. >> that's it for the highlights unless you have some questions.
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>> i just have one more question about supervisor chiu's legislation, the one he wanted the department of housing to track. is that for only people who violate the 90-day cap or does he want us to track all of the rentals? somebody who rents it out for a week or two weeks. >> right. the amendments for chapter 41 erring on the part [speaker not understood] and may be subletting for tourist-like purposes. he would have to start with dbi enforcing that once this takes effect november 30th. the shared housing element, which has not yet been introduced, is probably going to be some type of a total number of days, probably around 90 days that would be the maximum that you as a building
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owner or apartment owner, could let your place out for that period of time and generate extra revenue. but that's a separate piece all together. >> so, we technically would be responsible for making sure that the units are to code, say -- >> >> there's no further building code changes? >> i guess -- i know especially in chapter 41 u the apartment conversion element would be does this open the door for a lot more complaints. right now as rosemary told you a few weeks ago, we've had two of these kinds of complaints in 15 years. so, we don't get these kinds of complaints. third parties, you don't have to be a direct tenant involved, a camp file, suit, complaint about this. we would have to go through an investigation process and get
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involved with the department's view, able to interpret and probably with assistance from the city attorney with real estate expertise at interpreting lease requirements, a, outside the building department's expertise that we will have to deal with. so, i think it remains to be seen how much this may affect us. >> okay, got it. >> deputy director. >> i wanted to mention we never experienced this kind of ordinance before. it is completely different. we don't know how much involvement because before two campaigns, now maybe a thousand [speaker not understood], we don't know until we experience it. because my staff cannot go there and santa fedctionv the apartment, in order to check out. no way in the world 24 hours standing there. until that time they require more.
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>> yeah, challenging. >> i agree. >> and i know that when we have in our residential hotel ordinance, for instance, the difference between the tourist and the residential rooms, it's a challenge. and it -- we depend on people keeping logs and still that's not really very effective, but it's going to be a challenge for sure. >> okay. thank you, mr. strong, for your presentation. >> 6c, update on permit tracking system. >> good morning, commissioners. [speaker not understood], department of building inspection and report the status of permit tracking system. [s

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